Memz is a note and project organiser focused on fast and easy creation and management of hierarchical (tree) multi-level notes – outliner.

Have you ever struggled trying to organise and outline your notes, ideas and projects, give them proper structure using conventional notes application?
Have you ever wished you could organise and outline your notes, ideas and projects the way you organise files and folders on your computer?
If you have, suffer no longer. Memz is the outliner app you’ve been looking for.

Unlimited Hierarchy

  • organise your notes in unlimited level hierarchies
  • just like files on your computer

Move or Copy notes

  • within hierarchy to prioritise
  • between hierarchies to organise and change note context
  • any number of notes at once

Protect Notes

  • protect sensitive information with powerful AES256 encryption
  • protected notes always stored and trensferred in encryped form
  • we don’t store or transfer your password, so it’s impossible to steal

Live Search

  • robust and powerful Live search function
  • filter and sort at the same time
  • edit, create, select or organise notes directly from search result
  • see search result updated as your notes change

Cloud Sync

  • keeps your notes safely backed up within our secure and reliable cloud infrastructure
  • synchronises between multiple Android devices

Access Anywhere

... and much more

  • multiple colour schemas
  • look-and-feel customisation options
  • tasks support
  • export into a Web page format (HTML) then send by email or share in Google Drive
  • we keep adding new features on regular basis

With Memz you can find a proper place for every note you take.
Remembered, that you need to buy something in weekend shopping? Put a note in hierarchy “Personal notes” > “Shopping list” > “Weekend”.
Have a project idea? Put it into folder “Work notes” > “Projects” > “Ideas”.
Keep your diary under “Personal notes” > “Diary” hierarchy or simple in “Diary” folder.
Outline, organise and re-organise your notes, ideas and projects as it’s convenient for you.
Don’t limit your imagination with other note organisers – Break free with Memz – the best hierarchical task planner app for Android!
Keep your notes safe and secure with advanced security features. Memz can encrypt your notes and backups using AES 256 bit encryption approved by the National Security Agency for top secret information. It doesn’t store or send your password anywhere – your notes are absolutely safe.

With Memz you CAN:

  • Save and develop your ideas, notes and projects in tree-like notepad hierarchies
  • Outline your Tasks, Shopping and To-do lists
  • Access your projects, notes and ideas anywhere anytime
  • Use it as a diary or task planner
  • Outline and keep track your projects and goals
  • Find your own, unique ways of using Memz
  • Easily share your project ideas and notes using email or any other supported service (like Dropbox for example)

We use Memz ourselves to capture project ideas, plan our activities and increase productivity.


Detailed help for


Memz HAS:

  • Integration with Memz / Cloud
  • Simple, intuitive, yet powerful user interface based on Drag and Drop
  • Optimised for the best user experience
  • Beautiful and authentic design
  • Unlimited notes and folder hierarchy (tree) support
  • Advanced security features

Our users:

  • Businessmen
  • Project managers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Writers
  • Scientists

Anyone who has to deal with large amount of information uses our outliner.

Look at our ratings – all those creative and smart people love Memz.
Try it yourself and you will understand why.

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