Heftr – Handsfree Fitness Timer

Heftr is a simple interval timer that can be activated with headset (handsfree) “Play” or “Accept call” button and reporting its status by voice.
Use it for Tabata, HIIT, jogging or find some new Fitness / Workout related uses and keep your hands free.

While in the gym, many people use their phones with headsets to listen to music. Why not use it to track your rest or exercise times? However, it’s not convenient to take your phone out of the pocket to start / stop / check the timer every time.

Heftr is one of a kind handsfree timer that solves this problem once and for all.

Typical Heftr usage scenario:

  • You are in gym with headset on, listening to your faviorite tunes
  • Select required timer template in Heftr
  • When you want to start the timer, press “Play” button on your headset. (You will hear voice confirmation)
  • As timer progresses you will hear voice notifications
  • When timer ends you will hear voice notification
  • You can start timer again by pressing Play button

Android app on Google Play

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