Your notes, your way is a note and project organiser focused on fast and easy creation and management of hierarchical multi-level notes.
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Unlimited Hierarchies

Arrange, rearrange and structure your notes with unlimited hierarchy depth.

Full offline access

Access and edit your notes offline and get them synchronised when network is available.

Multiple perspectives

Search, sort and filter your notes using multiple available view modes.

Cloud Service

Use our fast and reliable Cloud Service to sync your notes across your devices and access from the browser.

Enhanced Security

Additionally protect selected notes using AES256 encryption algorithm.

Customisation options

Use variety of available customisation options to personalise look-and-feel of the application.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Memz – this product has much improved the effectiveness of my work and quality of life – really!… Following various searches and research I was recommended in 2013 to Memability and found it so much better than other glitzy simplistic ‘to-do lists’ as Memz is a very powerful project organizer based on multi-level tree hierarchy notes, or if you want, it is excellent for straightforward to do lists! The product was revolutionised in mid 2014 by implementation in a cloud where I can access/change via my PC, tablet, or phone. Absolutely brilliant and now I have almost no paper to carry. Wonderful.” Franklin R Reith

“I have been using Memz for several years now and it just keeps getting better! I use Memz for literally all my information management needs! From calendar to meeting notes, diary to contacts, business management to prayerlist, Memz handles it all and looks fantastic as well! Memz adapts to whatever your note taking needs may be. I have over 3000 notes, each in its proper place due to its unique hierarchy method. Is multi word search and user friendly note placement makes it easy to find whatever I need, all without compromising the apps performance. Encrypted security allows me to know my sensitive information is safe and secure! It just doesn’t get any better than that!” John Lewis

“Once I found Memability, now Memz, I knew I had the features I wanted. It has a clear a hierarchical structure and easy to navigate. Moving and copying notes is easy. Memz has a very clean look and feel, the design emphasis appears to on function rather than eye candy, making for a very business like application. I use it as an index for my computer files, hard copy files and e-mails. This makes Memz for me an invaluable tool for finding information. The search tool is straight forward and interactive. The final feature that attracted me to Memz was the ability to use it offline, as I don’t have a substantial data package and generally only sync with my home wifi.” Fergal Gordon

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Memz 2.0 preview is available for download

Good news everyone! A complete rewrite of Memz, the best hierarchical notepad / outliner for Android  – Memz 2.0 is nearly completed. There are few missing functions yet to be implemented, but the app is already useful and quite stable (I already switched to the...

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